Digital inclusive menu

The first inclusive digital menu, including people with disabilities

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Digital Menu

Digital Menu is a mobile application thet allows restaurants to show their menu on all mobile devices.

Accessible for everyone

Digital Menu has separate modes for people with dyslexia, intelectual disability, visual impairment, and hearing impairment

Instant changes

Changes to the menues are instantly synced with the mobile app

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We aim to remove barriers that people with disabilities face accessing restaurants, cafes, bakeries and other catering services

Working together with restaurants we want to make the everyday life of people with disabilities easier.

With the research we did we managed to understand the issue of reading the menu which even though looks like a very simple thing to us, it is a huge problem for people with disabilities. A lot of the times they are dependant on someone to read the menu for them, they are ordering one thing but the waiter ends up bringing them something completely different. It is hard for them to read many of the menus that have complicated designs.

We want to allow everyone to feel comfortable and break the barriers in society.

We created this application to show that there can be a universall solution that will please everyone.

How to become part of the system

Request an account if you are a restaurant

Add your menu or send it to us so we can enter it into the system


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